The Great Wall of Walcot

Walcot StonesThe slumbering beasts of Walcot Street awake! Faces hand carved in Bath Stone – twenty of them in fact, now adorn the Great Wall of Walcot.

Only in a street that contains over sixty proudly independent businesses could such a project succeed with aplomb. In a sterling display of community spirit, businesses and residents have worked together to create a veritable trail along the central part of Walcot Street, where a display of comic, realistic and sometimes mythical garrulous stone faces celebrate over thirty years of recent history.

Four `older ` individuals are joined by some sixteen `new` characters.
“Some business owners have chosen to depict a caricature of themselves, others relate to a personal event, explains the man behind the idea to encourage people to explore and discover Walcot Street” – Martin Tracy, proprietor of The Framing Workshop.

The Natural Theatre Company, albeit now residing south of the river in Widcombe were, over 40 years ago, born in Walcot. Their link is celebrated with a carved Conehead, one of their hugely successful Street Theatre Characters.

“We have produced postcards depicting six of our colleagues, continues Martin, which we have begun to distribute to outlets in the city centre, helping to encourage both locals and visitors to explore and enjoy all our street has to offer.”

The official launch and unveiling will take place at 6.00pm on Friday 16th August – all are welcome to join street traders and residents in a bit of fun and laughter, meet a Conehead or two and Pete Bloomfield the stone carver who has so creatively retained Walcot`s sense of humour.

For Further Information :
Martin Tracy
The Framing Workshop
01225 482748