About the Walcot Street website

The Walcot Street website was commished by John's Bikes in Walcot Street to celebrate this amazing quarter of Bath.

The website is managed and hosted by Rich a friend of John's Bikes.

  • The Walcot Street website is ranked No1 by Google for the search "Walcot Street

  • A full interactive website showcases Walcot Street, its shops, places to eat & drink, hidden corners.

  • You will get a listing, where you can provide: Title, description, photo, phone numbers and a link to your website.

  • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest) is used to broadcast and promote the busineses, events and Walcot Street happenings!.

  • Provides your website with more incoming links to improve SEO & will increase your traffic to your website.

  • We will provide you with the ability to link or embed the Interactive Walcot Street into your website.

  • We can provide you with access to the Twitter,Facebook, Pinterest account, so you can use to promote your business.

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  • Your business needs to be based in Walcot Street, Bath.

  • You need to Pay £25 a year to be & continue to be listed (£2.08p a month, 58p a week)

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